The film takes a minimalist approach to narrative structure while maximizing the juxtaposition between character and landscape; it has also been reprised and exhibited in various installation forms. The film makes extensive use of architectural locations in Hyderabad, Deccan such as the late Deccani style Paigah Tombs and Qutb Shahi era Toli Mosque juxtaposed with the character moving through the space(s) and the quality, color and intensity of light cast through and around the buildings. Salaat is a mystical work which also showcases a diversity of characters and identities.

Five different women walk, ride and work through the day and each performs prayer or ‘Salaat’ at one of five different times. This structure also offers a glimpse at the beauty, stress and contradictions of people interacting throughout the day. ‘Salaat’ weaves a breadth of imagery from the burning, decaying beauty of the land through lush forests to the stark desolation of winter and beyond.

Shot on Location in Hyderabad, India and Peterborough, Canada, ‘Salaat’ revolves around the five Muslim prayers ‘Fajr’ (sunrise), ‘Zohar’ (mid-day), ‘Asr’ (afternoon), ‘Maghrib’ (sunset) and ‘Isha’ (evening). The film begins with ‘Isha’ and ends the next day at ‘Maghrib’ with each prayer being performed in real time amidst stunning settings.

2010 – Canada / India / USA – 74 minutes – Urdu, Arabic – Sub-titles: English – HD Video / 16:9


YEAR : 2010
MUSIC : Hedi Hurban
FEATURING : Hedi Hurban, Nasreen, Umran Yazici, Sara Rahman, Zainulvara Zaheer



“Kaz Rahman’s film depicts salaat- Islamic prayer- both literally and more abstractly…reinforcing these moments as both integral to daily life, and yet somehow sacred and elevated, whether they occur in the hubbub of a city or in a pastoral glade.”
—Al Hoff | Pittsburgh City Paper

“The film is contemplative but abstract and minimalist…”
—Ann Rodgers / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Kaz Rahman has very beautifully depicted the bonding of mankind with its creator in his film Salaat.”
—Faisal M. Naim | New Delhi, India – The Hindu

“The Islamic prayer ‘Salaat’ is a refreshing experience to those who offer it. Now comes a film capturing these special moments in one’s daily life.”
Iftekar Sharif | The Hindu


ETV (Urdu): Interview and Coverage of Salaat Film Press Conference
Broadcast | India (January 24, 2011)

Live Press Conference for Salaat Film at Somajiguda Press Club
Hyderabad, India (January 24, 2011)

‘Kirmizi Hali’- 24TV (Turkish): Interview and coverage of Salaat Film in ‘Red Carpet’ 

Broadcast  Turkey (August 25, 2013)


İslamofobi için etkili bir ilaç: SİNEMA
Star Gazette (Turkish) | Turkey (August 22, 2013)

A Moment to Meditate
Channel 6, Vol. 21, No.7. P. 1-23-45-6 | Hyderabad, India (February, 2011): 36

The Sound and Colours of Prayer
Broken Projector | India (January 31, 2011)

Poetry on Celluloid
The New Indian Express | Hyderabad, India (January 29, 2011)

Say a Beautiful Prayer
The Hindu | New Delhi, India (January 29, 2011)

Salaat – Religious Art Film
The Etemaad Urdu Daily (Urdu) | Hyderabad, India (January 29, 2011)

KNN, Prakruti Bhavala Varnanalatho ‘Salaat’ Chitram
Andhra Prabha (Telugu) | Hyderabad, India (January 25, 2011)

Salar Jung Museum Screening
The Munsif Daily (Urdu) | Hyderabad, India (January 25, 2011)

Film Focuses on Muslims at Prayer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Pittsburgh, USA (September 9, 2010)

Salaat (Prayer)
First City P.152,  Delhi, India (January 2011)

More Information

Full Cast (in order of appearance)

ZOHAR LADY: Hedi Hurban

ISHA LADY: Nasreen

FAJR LADY: Umran Yazici

ASR LADY: Sara Rahman

MAGHRIB LADY: Zainulvara Zaheer

Crew - Hyderabad Unit

Cinematographer: Kaz Rahman
AC: Nishant
Costume Designer: Hedi Hurban
Sound: Anshuman Sen, Harsh
Production Manager: Gautam Valluri, Sameer

Crew - Ontario Unit

Cinematographer: Kaz Rahman

AC: Po-Tau Michael Ismail Fan

Costume Designer: Hedi Hurban

Sound: Mohammed Yaseen Zainalabdeen

Production Assistant: Zafarbek Shamsutdinov


Editor: Kaz Rahman

Sound Designer and Composer: Hedi Hurban

Technical Advisor: Po-Tau Michael Ismail Fan

Sound Mixer: Andrew Weller

Special Effects: J. Matthew Bail


Isha Vocals: Asma Houbaichi


Hedi Hurban (flute, keyboard and harmonium)

Nathaniel Robinson (guitar)

Courtney Robinson (bass)

Recording Technicians: Andrew Weller, Dom Shuck

Winter Ambient Composition: Andrew Weller

‘Strange Money Blisters’ track from the Album ‘Transcultural’ by Atu © 2000 Plan Z Media

Selected Screenings

Studio Theatre at Plymouth College of Art- Plymouth, UK (2016)
Broadcast on TV24- Turkey (2013-2014)
Cinema Hall at Istanbul Sehir University- Istanbul, Turkey (2014)
Andy Warhol Museum- Pittsburgh, USA (2011)
Prasads Preview Theatre- Hyderabad, India (2011)
Salar Jung Museum Auditorium- Hyderabad, India (2011)
India Habitat Centre Ampitheatre- New Delhi, India (2011)
Kennedy Auditorium at Aligarh Muslim University- Aligarh, India (2011)
The Attic- New Delhi, India (2011)
National School of Drama- New Delhi, India (2011)
Pittsburgh Filmmakers at Melwood Screening Room- Pittsburgh, USA (2010)
Installation at Galeria Alejo Carpentier, FIVAC – Camaguey, Cuba (2011)

Special Thanks


Paigah Tombs, Toli Masjid, Owais Bhai, Khaleel (Siasi Halath)

Uncle Sultan, Aunty Sultana, Rizwan Bhai and Saliha Bhabi

Aysha Baji, Syed Uncle, Asif Aunty, Kousir, Saleem Bhai

Aleem Bhai, Kaiser



Ali Zeroual, Musana Khan (Sunoco Gas)



Andres Tapia-Urzua, Arif Jamal, Andrew Briskar, Nuh Yilmaz,

Shahid Khan, Doni, Chris Strollo


Mommy, Hedi, Mayez, Zamir

In Memory Of:
Daddy and Grandpappy
Zainulvara Zaheer (1978-2008)